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Andrew Soderberg's Merlin Media returns with a new website design in February 2023!

The original Merlin Media (1993-2007) was Andrew's award winning media and web design firm, who's customer centric focus remains, but now provides 3D design, printing, and consulting services.

Andrew Soderberg, AKA MediaMan3D, has been designing 3D printer upgrade components for the past eight years, and since the fall of 2018 is the designer of the Hero Me Gen7 print head platform with superior part/hot-end cooling for all popular 3D printers. The Hero Me Gen7 Master Suite 3D printer cooling system is available from these STL Libraries:Thingiverse, Printables, Cults3D.

                   After a long 15 year sleep, an all new Merlin Media is in the works.


  • 3D Printing Products and Printer Upgrades
  • Bespoke 3D Printing Services - FDM, Resin, Mulit-Color, and more: Merlin Media's 3D Print Shop
  • Custom 3D Design Services & Consulting
  • 3D Print Farm Services

Stay tuned for an all new website with more details on all the products and services we will be offering!

Recent Podcast Interviews

3D Musketeer's Making Awesome Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Grant of 3D Musketeer on my Hero Me Gen6 3D Printer cooling system, my Prusa MUTANT upgrade, and other 3D printing related topics. You can check out Grant's other great interviews here: Making Awesome Podcast. Interview: Hero Me - Past, Present, & Future!

Daniel conducts an in-depth interview with me about the Hero Me, its history and design principles, as well as the improvements in Gen 6 and its updates. We cover everything that is new and what's coming next for the Hero Me project! To see more of Daniel's content, check out his YouTube channel here: Crosslink: Learn - Make - Repeat.

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