Merlin Media, Inc. serves a wide variety of clients in the United States and around the world. Merlin Media is a premier producer of new media communications solutions and has the skill and knowledge to handle all aspects of web site design, creation and professional web site management, Flash, interactive CD-ROM and DVD projects and high-quality digital video production.

Merlin Media produces a full scope of products and projects ranging from libraries of digital effects for multimedia developers, to custom web sites, to the in-box CD-ROM that shipped with the first 3 million+ Apple Power Macintosh computers, to a 30-station interactive pavilion at Disney World's EPCOT Center. We have created hundreds of web sites, many including e-commerce, streaming video, and Flash animation for companies such as LSI Logic, Ericsson, LTO Technologies, Formida, GTE Internetworking, and many others.

Merlin Media specializes in Section 508 compliance issues for college and corporate clients who must comply with federal and state web accessibility standards. We also provide both ongoing and periodic web maintenance for many of our web clients.

Merlin Media also creates interactive CD-ROM projects and video DVDs for clients such as Apple Computer, Connectix, Hitachi PC, Miro, National Semiconductor, Unisys, and dozens of others. Client's projects take advantage of Merlin Media's skills in blending different media types from database backend systems to 3D graphics to custom PERL applications into a project that meets their individual needs, not something from a template.

We can even produce Internet/CD-ROM or Web/DVD hybrid projects offering both the high-speed retrieval of bandwidth-intensive materials along with the rapid updatability of the Internet.

Our next generation business is Soderberg Consulting, providing web services for Higher Education institutions. .

Soderberg Consulting specializes in Web Accessibility Audits, Reports, and Remediation.

The Soderberg Consulting team are experts in the implementation and administration of several Higher Education content management systems including, OmniUpdate OU Campus, WordPress, Drupal, Sharepoint, and others.


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