Other extremely important members of our team include:

Chris Miller: Web Developer, CGI Programmer

Christopher Deppe: Systems analyst, database application developer

Andy Harding: Graphic Designer, interface design

Steve Begley: Strategic planning, Media training, etc.

Dave Flack: Strategic planning, marketing consultant

David Raizman: Flash, Shockwave, etc. programmer

Patty Hudson: Production manager, database developer

Jerry Huiskens: Producer, director, editor, video engineer







About Merlin Media, Inc.

Serving a variety of clients in Silicon Valley and around the world, Merlin Media is a premier producer of new media communications solutions. Merlin Media has the skill and knowledge to handle all aspects of the design, creation and professional ongoing maintenance of corporate websites, Interactive CD-ROM & DVD Development, and Digital Video Production.

We offer our clients a facility for shooting and editing video and audio, a staff of experienced and capable multimedia authors and programmers, 2D and 3D graphic artists, and user interface specialists, plus CD-ROM and DVD production hardware, Internet web design and development, and access to web hosting on cost effective yet high performance servers.

Merlin Media is proud to have formed a strategic alliance with Interact Communications to serve the 2-year college market and to be named as a strategic technology partner by OmniUpdate.

Andrew Soderberg President

Tom Hudson Vice President

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