A pioneer of multimedia, from his roots as a director in broadcast television in the late 1970s to his role as a member of Apple's QuickTime development team, Mr. Soderberg has built his career on blending computer and video technologies.





Andrew Soderberg — President

At Atari, Inc. in the early 1980s, he was involved in the development of the first computer and laserdisc-based interactive information kiosks used in retail. Mr. Soderberg was also the Production Manager for Atari's television commercials which won several Clios. At ViMart Corp., he further developed and marketed interactive kiosks to sell computer software at Sears and K-Marts stores nationwide. As Director of Marketing, at Aapps Corp., Mr. Soderberg was the first to market digital video products for the Macintosh, before QuickTime was developed.

This led to his joining Apple Computer, Inc. in 1990, as their Evangelist responsible for the creation of QuickTime hardware by third party developers. During his tenure at Apple, he was instrumental in the creation of strategic partnerships as well as enlisting dozens of companies worldwide to develop new products using QuickTime. As Advanced Technology CPU Evangelist, Mr. Soderberg was one of the five-member team that managed the development of the AV Technology Macintosh computers. Currently Mr. Soderberg is using the technologies he has promoted for so long, to create solutions for corporate clients with his multimedia production company, Merlin Media, Inc. He is also co-author of the book Desktop Video Studio published by Random House Electronic Publishing in June of 1995.

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