Merlin Media has produced a wide range of interactive CD and DVD projects.

Projects delivered on discs can range, and have, from simple self-running demonstrations appropriate for sales conferences, kiosks, tradeshows and othe uses, all the way up to multi-language, highly interactive presentations and teaching/learning tools delivered for an international audience. And a lot of other uses in between.

Let Merlin Media show you how effective deliveryof your project on interactive disc can be.





CD and DVD Design and Development

Merlin Media produces a variety of interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs ranging from self-running tradeshow presentations to interactive product catalogs to high-quality sales/marketing pieces.

Our work has appeared at many major tradeshows, as part of nationally distributed magazines, and as part of the in-box materials shipped with the first 3 million+ PowerPC Macintosh computers. Merlin Media designs interactive projects to meet our clients' needs, not to a predetermined template.

This page features a few examples of our disc-based projects.

What Can Merlin Media Do For You?

CD & DVD Services

Merlin Media began producing interactive CD ROMs in 1994. In 2002 we added DVD development to our offerings, both traditional video DVDs as well as interactive DVDs for the delivery of complex information with high-quality video.

Over the years we have created CDs and DVDs containing training, sales and marketing presentations, product catalogs, demonstrations and many other types of information. Even an entire LasikŪ eye operation. Our staff includes an award-winning CD-ROM designer with more than 18 years on interactive design experience.

Just ask us and we will help you understand what is possible, what works best, and what you might wish to steer clear of.


Wide Range of Solutions

Merlin Media produces interactive disc-based projects using a wide variety of approaches and programming tools and techniques.

Whether your budget and requirements are for creating a portable sales and marketing tool that can be run on any computer that has a web browser or you need a "Hollywood" style video production that indludes video, slideshows, testing, and the like, Merlin Media knows how to do that.

And how you let your target audience know about it. And how you keep it fresh and updated so that people come back. When other companies might head off to their next great client, we stick around, offering ongoing services.

CD & DVD Project Examples

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