A pioneer of the use of multimedia (LaserDisc, CD-ROM) for training, product anouncements and marketing, Mr. Hudson has a background in the development of both interactive and leader-led training as well as standalone learning systems. He also creates interactive DVDs.





Tom Hudson— Vice President / VP Operations

He has written for the nationally-distributed magazine, The Atari Connection, and has had his works translated into six languages for use in more than twenty foreign countries. In the early to mid 1980s he managed worldwide development of training for the home computer division of Atari, Inc., and helped create some of the first widely-used computer-based training tools for personal computers.

As Senior Instructional Designer for Apple Computer, Inc., Mr. Hudson pioneered the use of interactive, multimedia for training a worldwide sales and support force with the development of Apple's first interactive CD-ROM incorporating text, graphics, animation, audio and video elements. He helped promote the further use of multimedia for all types of presentations, winning several awards for his work. Upon leaving Apple, he joined AMD where he helped create training development standards for worldwide training of sales and marketing individuals. As a partner in Merlin Media, Inc., he functions in the roles of Executive Producer and VP. of Operations, with the responsibilities of creating multimedia products and presentations, bringing his detailed knowledge of how people best interact with computers and how people learn from different media. He is also co-author of the book Desktop Video Studio published by Random House Electronic Publishing in June of 1995, and is the editor of Best Web Practices for Colleges, by Pamela Cox-Otto, PhD (2004).

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