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We know that not everyone writes project specifications for web site projects every day. We also know that a larger percentage of potential clients have never written a web site project specification. To assist our clients, we have created a special 'fill in the blanks' project spec template. All you need to do is take a few minutes to fill in as much detail as you currently know about your project. Submit it to us. It contains the sort of questions that need to be answered up front to be able to give you a quote and to make your project a success.

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Pick up any phone books' 'yellow' pages and look for web site producers. Call any five of them and tell them you have a web site to produce. Then ask them how much it will cost.

The ones that tell you they "couldn't possibly give you an answer without more details" probably know what they are doing. They understand that it is practically impossible to give a quote without knowing what you actually want to put on your web site, how much of information you have, what you want it to look like, what you have ready to use and what needs to be created, etc.

Merlin Media goes even beyond that. When a prospective client calls us with a web site project, we want to know other things. Things such as "what must the web site accomplish in order for you to deem it successful?" and "what is the experience you want the user to have when visiting your site?" "What must your visitors get from your site and how do you envision accomplishing that?"

We help clients match their real needs to the appropriate web techniques and functions. We would never presume to drop a client's materials into a standardized template. And we try not to assume that we know what the client wants. We always ask. Sometimes you might not know the answers (and we'll help you) but often we ask about things others might not think to ask.

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