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We know that not everyone writes project specifications for CD-ROM or DVD projects every day. We also know that a larger percentage of potential clients have never written any sort of project specification. To assist our clients, we have created a special 'fill in the blanks' project spec template. All you need to do is take a few minutes to fill in as much detail as you currently know about your project. Submit it to us. It contains the sort of questions that need to be answered up front to be able to give you a quote and to make your project a success.

CD-ROM / DVD Specification Template





CD-ROMs and DVDs Services Overview

Merlin Media produces a full scope of CD-ROM and video DVD projects for clients around the world. We offer any and all of the following services:

• Graphics processing—we can take your existing graphics and prepare them for use in your CD-ROM project

• Graphic design—or, we can create custom graphics specifically for use on your CD. We even create custom CD labeling.

• Animations—our graphic artists can animate practically anything: logos, rotating products, motion tours, etc.

• Interactivity design and development—we utilize several different tools to design and create the interactivity for your project

• Video capture and compression for DVD development

• Static and motion menus for video DVDs

• Full DVD mastering and production service

• Testing versions—depending on the project, we can create testable versions of your project at various stages of completion

• Full testing services—we test each project on the platform or platforms on which it will run

• Production management—need somebody to manage the production process? We can handle your production requirements. You end up with finished goods

We typically get two main types of questions: 1) What will a CD-ROM or DVD project cost; and 2) Aren't CD-ROMs and DVDs expensive to produce?

The first question is difficult to answer. The reason is simple—in order to let a client know what a CD-ROM or DVD project might cost, we need to know what the disc is going to contain, how it will be used, and other questions with answers that are always specific to each project. Click Here to read our somewhat lengthy document on why it is practically impossible to give a "fast quote" based on "I'm not sure what I want, but how much will a project cost me" information.

The second question is a little easier, but also requires that we know a bit about what you actually want.

CD & DVD Services

CD & DVD Project Examples

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Are CD-ROM and DVDs expensive?
The major cost of any multimedia presentation or product is in the actual development, so you might be surprised how inexpensive the production of finished goods can be. The cost of replication of a single or cross platform CD ROM is usually based on three things:

1) How many do you want to produce,
2) How fast do you need them, and
3) What type of packaging do you want.

As with anything, producing a smaller number means that the cost of each copy will be higher; the more you produce, the less each one costs. And the faster you need them back, the higher the cost. And the fancier the packaging, the longer it takes to create and the higher the costs. So, are CD-ROMs and DVDs expensive? Well, if you need to get new product information out to your 1000 field sales staff members, reproducing CD-ROMs for less than $1.00 each, or DVDs for just a little more per copy, can be a lot less than reproducing glossy sales brochures.

And you just can't put video clips into a paper-based brochure. Or audio. Or user-tailorable presentations. Or interactive catalogs with a fast "look up" feature. Only need a dozen or so copies of your finished project? We can do that as well. Or any of the many other things that Merlin Media can help you with for your next CD-ROM or video DVD project.





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