The Template
Over our past 10+ years in business we have developed and refined our Specification Templates. They include questions you may have never thought of, but are very important in the development of a project.

The template is available as a downloadable PDF file (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader.)

Call us if you wish to have us send you a Word file vesion rather than using this form.





CD-ROM or DVD Project Template

The information requested in our Specification Template is generally required in order to create a viable quote on a multimedia project. Some of this information may not be applicable to your specific project. We look for enough information about your project to make educated estimates as to the amount of time and the level of work involved. This helps you by allowing us to generate a solid bid based on your known requirements, and allows us to anticipate our workload.

We understand that certain specifications may not be fully known prior to the start of a project, and that certain capabilities and specifications may change during the early course of a project. In such cases, your "best guess estimate" is appropriate.

Our bidding process allows for some level of flexibility to absorb normal changes during the early stages of most projects. However, it should be understood that major changes--including changes in project scope, drastic changes in the content and amount thereof, and shortening of development and delivery timelines--once a project has begun may result in additional costs.

Conversely, Merlin Media endeavors to pass along savings discovered during development to the client. Wherever possible, a detailed description, rather than a simple check-mark approach, will assist us in better understanding your project needs. We will follow up with you if we have any additional questions about your project. A quote can generally be created in one to two days once we have all the required information.

Simply download and print out this form, write in your answers, and fax it back to us at 408-299-0324. If you have any questions, you can always call us at: 408-299-0880.

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