Merlin Media opened its doors as a digital video production company. Over the years we have taken that experience and combined it with our knowledge of the Internet, CD-ROM- and DVD-based presentations. When 'they' say someone "wrote the book" on the subject of digital video, they are talking about the two principles at Merlin Media. In 1995, Random House Electronic Publishing, Apple Computer, Inc. and New Media magazine asked us to write the definitive book, "Desktop Video Studio." We provide clients with everything from on-site or studio video shoots to editing, effects and processing into digital format for use in any project. With the advent of DVDs, selecting a vendor with years of experience in digital video is even more important to the success of your project.

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Merlin Media Services

Merlin Media can put its talents to work for you, creating custom multimedia solutions to meet your needs. Please take a look at the many projects we have produced for companies such as Hitachi, Apple and Walt Disney World by visiting our CD, Web and Video Project pages. Each section provides information about our capabilities and provides examples of work in that category.

CD & DVD Services

Merlin Media began producing interactive CD ROMs in 1994. In 2002 we added DVD development to our offerings, both traditional video DVDs as well as interactive DVDs for the delivery of complex information with high-quality video.

Over the years we have created CDs and DVDs containing training, sales and marketing presentations, product catalogs, demonstrations and many other types of information. Even an entire LasikŪ eye operation.

Our staff includes an award-winning CD-ROM designer with more than 16 years on interactive design experience and programmers, graphic designers and artist capable of creating thedisc-based presentation you want and need.

Just ask us and we will help you understand what is possible, what works best, and what you might wish to steer clear of.


Merlin Media produces web-based solutions that meet our clients' needs. We never just 'drop' things into a template. We know that no two sites have the same goals or the same requirements. Try asking us how much a 'basic web site' might cost and you will find that we come back with a set of questions designed to find out what you really want and need. We also know that the only way to have a successful web site is to know what the web site is supposed to accomplish.

And how you let your target audience know about it. And how you keep it fresh and updated so that people come back. When other companies might head off to their next great client, we stick around, offering ongoing maintenance services.

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