These are just a few sample screen shots from various interactive CD projects.

Projects delivered on discs can range — and have — from simple self-running demonstrations appropriate for sales conferences, kiosks, tradeshows and othe uses, all the way up to multi-language, highly interactive presentations and teaching/learning tools delivered for an international audience. And a lot of other uses in between.

Let Merlin Media show you how effective deliveryof your project on interactive disc can be.

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CD and DVD Examples

Merlin Media produces a variety of interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs ranging from self-running tradeshow presentations to interactive product catalogs to high-quality sales/marketing pieces. Our work has appeared at many major tradeshows, as part of nationally distributed magazines, and as part of the in-box materials shipped with the first 3 million+ PowerPC Macintosh computers.

Merlin Media designs interactive projects to meet our clients' needs, not to a predetermined template. This page features a few examples of our CD-ROM disc-based projects.

Click here for our recent DVD disc project examples.

Click on any screen shot for more info.

A brief word about graphics...

Graphics for any project — website, CD-ROM, DVD or whatever — can make or break a project. They need to be both something you want as well as something that adds to the useability of your project. That's why Merlin Media does not have a library of "looks" that we can quickly "pop" your content into. That's why if you ask us for a fast quote of a project, we are going to come back with a lot of questions regarding the look and functionality of your site. And that's why it is a practical impossibility to have a 50 page site built in 3 days. If you want something that isn't built for your business and your needs, then go to that friend's cousin's son who says he can do your site for $250 over the weekend.

Remember... you may not like a particular site's look we have created, but if we created it for a specific client, it was to their stated goals and desires.

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