These are just a few sample screen shots from various interactive DVD projects produced by Merlin Media.

Projects delivered on DVDs can range from simple self-running video-based presentations appropriate for everything from movies to sales conferences, kiosks, tradeshows and othe uses, all the way up to multi-language, highly interactive presentations and teaching/learning tools delivered for an international audience. And a lot of other uses in between. DVDs aren't just for video anymore.

Let Merlin Media show you how effective delivery of your next DVD project can be.

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DVD Project Examples

In addition to our years of experience in the design and creation of iteractive CD-ROMs, Merlin Media is proud to provide our clients with a full range of services for the production of video DVDs. Everything from video capture, interface design, full-motion menu buttons, mastering, and duplication of your DVD project.

We even design the jewel case or DVD "clam shell" case inserts. Here are just a few of our recent DVD projects. We would love to add yours to the list.


Interact Communications
Our strategic partner needed a quick-turn DVD project to promote their advertising services. The project included 15 video segments ranging from 30 second to 60 second commercials plus 5 and 7 minute video presentations; total video time about 20 minutes.

All videos were provied in miniDV format. These were divided into 5 separate menu screens plus a "contact us" page. Menu screens included full-motion video buttons.


BrazoSport / CBIT
The CBIT project saw the creation of a DVD and an interactive CD-ROM deliverable. Both featured multiple video clips, website links, floor tour diagrams of the facilities, and more. The differentiating factor was in the final compression (and resulting quality) of the video.

The DVD featured high-quality full-screen MPEG-2 video with 48 MHz stereo audio where the CD-ROM featured 320 x 240 pixel MPEG-1 video with 22MHz stereo audio.



Lasik Surgery Patient DVD
This was a proof-of-concept DVD created from a VHS source tape. Because VHS is a fairly low resolution format, we captured the video at the highest possible digital rate to preserve as much of the video quality as possible.

The final video DVD features a single menu page with a full-motion background, music score for both the menu as well as during the videos, and two complete Lasik eye procedures.


Like the CBIT project, Dazzle required both a DVD with highest quality digital video and audio as well as an interactive CD-ROM version. Each deliverable featured seven videos covering the range of information on the discs. The DVD video was full-screen MPEG-2 while the CD-ROM provied 640 x 480 pixel MPEG-1 video.

These discs were created to support Dazzle's range of video input/outpud devices and applications and were packaged with various products. A self-running version of the CD-ROM was created for tradeshow use.



Dementia Care Concept DVD
A research company applying for a Federal grant to product educational DVDs for caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's asked Merlin Media to create a feasability DVD. This DVD features a single learning module with dozens of screens of information, several videos and a trio of quizes, all delivered in three languages and all from a DVD that could be used on either a computer or on a home DVD player (using only the remote control).

Merlin Media produced this DVD from their materials in just a couple weeks, pushing the DVD capability envelope yet again.

Brazosport Community College
As a follow on to their successful Brazosport CBIT DVD, Merlin Media was once again asked to create a DVD featuring videos, still informational frames and links to specific website pages.

This DVD includes 1-minute videos for each of the 39 main educational programs offered by by Brazosport Community College. These videos were produced by our strategic partner, Interact Communications and supplied as pre-edited DV files which Merlin Media processed for maximu video quality and use on a 4.7 GB DVD.

This DVD won a college marketing excellence award in late 2004.












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