Fracal Design's Painter X2 Demo Floppy Disk

This floppy based demo was created for Fractal to be used for dealer sales support, trade show handouts and to be sent to potential customers requesting more information.

It was one of the very first cross-platorm, full-screen, 24-bit color QuickTime-based slideshow movies running more than 3 minutes with narration ever created. Merlin Media (then known as Toucan Studios.. note our logo on screen) designed and developed all artwork, cowrote the text and narration, provided voice-over talent, and assempled this production.

It fit on a 1.44 KB Macintosh floppy with only 9 KB to spare and on a 1.44 KB PC floppy with 2 KB to spare.

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CD and DVD Examples

Merlin Media produces a variety of interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs using new designs and/or client-supplied artwork. Here are some screen shot from the client and project described to the left.










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