In 2001, we formed a strategic alliance with Interact Communications, a company we have worked with over the past three years, and have known and worked with their principles on and off since 1975.

In 2004 we were named as a partner in technology and business development with WebSiteASP. Merlin Media's strength in the design and creation of back-end data solutions and our expertise in the design and creation of web sites, combined with

Interact's experience in the 2-year college and trade school markets positions our two companies to meet the growing needs of these markets.

And our continuing experience with CMS solutions let us help streamline your ongoing website management processes.

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Strategic Partnerships

Interact Communications — The principles of Interact have attended, taught at, and been administrators and executive staff at community and technical colleges. They now serve them as public relations and marketing counsels. They know two-year colleges from the inside out and know communications and marketing from top to bottom. Put those two elements together and your college has a partner who understand your needs and your market, and can help you connect them.

Interact is currently the agency of record for the Wisconsin Technical College System and has worked with clients throughout the country. When you want an agency that understands the unique needs and pressures of marketing and public relations at a two-year college... it's time to contact our team.

Pamela Cox-Otto is an award winning videographer and former television news reporter with more than 19 years experience in fundraising and resource development and 25 years experience in video production and marketing. She is a former Vice President of College Relations and Development with Western Wisconsin Technical College and Vice President of Communications with Northern Engraving Corporation. She has a Masters degree in Communications from California State University, Long Beach, and Doctoral work in Speech Communication at the University of Minnesota. She is a recognized leader in the field of new media communications.

Kevin Cram is an award winning video director and producer. His work in media ranges from multimedia design and production to audio engineering and web site design. His higher education experience began at a two year college and he worked as a media production specialist at a technical college.

WebsiteASP — In 2004 we were named a technology and business partner with WebsiteASP for their OmniUpdate content management system (CMS). At that time, we had been working closely with their development team for more than a year, assisting them in understanding "real world" features our clients were specifically looking for in a CMS and in testing those features as they were integrated into the product.

For sites that are integrating OmniUpdate as a part of their development process, Merlin Media provides services for the design and creation of template pages that make up your new website and then works with the OmniUpdate team as they integrate the appropriate CMS tags into each template allowing you and your authorized team members, coworkers and associates to make changes only to those areas that each user is entitled to make.

With a properly configured CMS, your websit benefits by allowing multiple people to provide updates and new materials postings directly into a "safe" area on your web sever, lets you review and give it the OK before it gets posted to the world, and keeps any do-not-touch areas safe. That isn't the whole story about a CMS and what it can do for you. If you have questions, please contact us or go to the OmniUpdate website to read more about their CMS.



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