David Powell, Inc.

A leading San Francisco-area provider of Executive Search, Financial Services, and Human Resource consulting.

DPI originally had a very static website composed of a series of very large graphic images with a "we orchestrate your search" theme. Even the text — including typos — was part of these 150 KB and larger images. Merlin created a new look and navigation scheme for DPI and programmed the site to be a series of smaller graphics with easily editable text blocks.

The design process went through various stages with the first three images to the right created to mimic their glossy paper-based brochure themed to present their services as an 'orchestration.'

Although the Merlin Media team preferred the look of the third image to the left, the ultimate decision made by DPI was to go with the final image look, a more stylized imagry and lighter colors.

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Website Examples

Merlin Media produces a variety of websites (Internet, intranet and extranet) using new designs and/or client-supplied artwork. Here are some screen shot from the client and project described to the left.











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