LTO Technology

Merlin Media created and maintains this informational web site for LTO, a consortium of IBM, HP and Certance (formerly Seagate). The first and second example pages are from the second version of the site developed in 1999. The original site was created in 1997 when LTO was first formed.

In 2001, Merlin Media assisted the LTO companies in the development of the third version of their website (example 3). Merlin Media continues to be the web managers for this site providing ongoing maintenance and updates to the site.

New work also includes creation of multiple flash animations to show how the different parts of the technology operate. These animations also have been used by executives at various LTO licensed companies as presentation materials (final example screen).

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Website Examples

Merlin Media produces a variety of websites (Internet, intranet and extranet) using new designs and/or client-supplied artwork. Here are some screen shot from the client and project described to the left.











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